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Victoria has been a Yoga and Pilates teacher for nearly 30 years and therefore understands the importance of the effect the space around you can have on your wellbeing.  Having had an allotment for 10 years and designing gardens of her own, she took the plunge during the pandemic to follow her passion for plants and gain a Level III diploma in horticulture. This has gone on to combine her two disciplines to begin to create garden spaces to enhance people's wellbeing. Since then she has also gained an international diploma in garden design and maintenance to take her knowledge further.  having worked at a garden centre and as a greenkeeper on a golf course she is also able to create designs and use her knowledge to advise on layout, plants and materials.

Victoria is committed to providing a professional, yet cost-effective way for you to achieve the garden space of your dreams.



New Skills Academy

International garden design and maintenance diploma


  • garden planning and preparation, plant planning and purchasing

  • garden design process

  • garden design styles

  • survey, site appraisal and measuring techniques

  • proportion illusion and effective use of space

  • surface and materials, hard landscaping

  • plant selection and care

  • low maintenance gardens and planting

  • sustainability

  • solutions to difficult gardens

  • how to lay truf

  • how to build a garden pond


Stanbridge College through Learn Direct

level iii diploma in horticulture (distinction)

a comprehensive diploma covering all aspects of horticulture including:

  • Basic botany

  • plant classification

  • soil science

  • plant nutrition

  • plant pests, diseases and problems

  • organic gardening

  • weeds

  • basic propagation

  • amenity horticulture, plant groups and families

  • planting and plant care

  • plant notes and indigenous plants

  • exotic plants

  • indoor plants

  • lawns

Practical assignments were included in the course, together with making a plant encyclopaedia made from pressing flowers, fruits, leaves, etc, which i very much cherish


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